Tuesday, April 9, 2013

C4T #3

The teacher assigned this week is  David Warlick on his blog titled 2c Worth of Seeking the ShakaBUKU.  Sweet blog name! Comments were closed for this his last comment on March 20, however I left a comment on his last post titled, War and Peace, posted on March 17th 2013.  This is an interesting perspective of peaceful countries. Others seemed to not have enjoyed this post.   I had to do with peaceful countries like Canada and Belgium.  David has been blogging since 2004 with an impressive archive.  I left a comment introducing myself as a student here are University of South Alabama and explained that I would be posting this summary of his blog.  Check out his page!

My next comment was on his post on March 28th titled, What 2000 Calories Looks Like.  This post definitely puts calories into perspective.  This also demonstrated how terrible just one meal at fast food can be your entire body's recommended caloric intake for the day - for an active person! Physiology fascinates me and health and losing weight has much more to do than calories.  Maybe I will save that topic for another day,  however I definitely could only try to eat 19 bananas in a day!

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