Sunday, April 14, 2013

Blog Post #12


This post will be an assignment that I would assign in my area of specialty- Health Education.  I will be completing the assignment as well.   

Name 5 specific healthy behaviors that you practice and that you need to improve upon.

Choose one and explain exactly how you plan to accomplish this.  Remember to be specific and to explain how you will react when you hit any bump in the road.  Have fun with this, be creative, and good luck!!

These links might help.

Goal Setting- Teens Health

My Response

1. Never skip breakfast
2. Eat balanced meals and healthy snacks 
3. Floss daily 
4. Exercise at least 3x/week
5.  Always wear sunblock/ safety belt 
Improve Upon...
1. Candy control
2. More sleep
3. Improve cardiovascular endurance
4. Less beer  
5. Personal 

Choose one and state exactly how you plan to accomplish this.... 

Although I have a pretty healthy diet, I have my areas I need to work on.  In my case that would be sweets!  Chocolate, popsicles, fruit roll-ups, ice-cream, pastries, and anything with sugar is my kryptonite.  The area that I choose to improve on is candy control.  Not only is the incredible amounts of sugar unhealthy, but they are all empty calories.   I know this will be difficult.  I plan to improve this by:

look after yourself
1- keep fruits, vegetables, or nuts for snacking
2- modify grocery list [cross sweets off list]
3- keep healthy snacks in car or backpack [almonds/granola]
4- staying hydrated [drink enough water]
5- curbing cravings [adding healthier choices] [i.e. adding a few dark chocolate chips to almonds]
6- portion control when indulging [limit to one serving]
7- post positive notes around the house as a reminder  [can be any goal]
8- have a cheat day [not go crazy and eat EVERYTHING sweet within sight, but indulge in  a chocolate milkshake]
9- keep a food diary to track progress and record findings - how do I feel after week 1,2,3?
10- Stick to it and have fun

Also, plan what you will do when your willpower becomes weak. 

* Must have ice-cream? Opt for a healthier choice like frozen yogurt with berries and nuts or have a smoothie or sorbet.  Make your own with mangos.

*I like to slice bananas and warm them up for 10 seconds with a little brown sugar, cinnamon, and dark chocolate chips and pecans and put on top a scoop of frozen yogurt.

*Fruit roll-ups, gummy bears, skittles? Try yogurt with granola with sliced almonds and strawberries. Trail-mix or grapes and nuts combine beautifully.

*Popsicles? Make your own or buy real fruit popsicles. Frozen grapes are awesome!!

*Drink a glass of water when feeling craving

Overall, indulging in comfort foods is not the end of the world, but control has a lot to do with it.  Stay positive and remember that it is normal to experience turbulence.   Adjust and keep going.  Keeping notes around act as great reminders.   This can apply to other tough habits such as caffeine, soft drinks, and fast food! Know it will be tough at first but it gets easier over time. Permanent change is a commitment.  Good luck!



  1. I love this post! It is definitely a post that I would find fun! For me, I would need to improve on more sleep and not eating so many chips! I've taken the chips completely off the grocery list, like you suggested, for about a month now. It is definitely easier to control the cravings when they aren't even in the house! Good job on this post! Keep up the good work!

  2. Thanks Taylor!
    I'm happy that you enjoyed the post! Thanks for taking the time to check it out. Adequate sleep seems impossible in college! Good luck with the chips! :)