Saturday, March 2, 2013

C4KSummary for February


I left a comment for Quinyon from Mrs. Miller's 10th grade class at Baldwin County High.  His last post was about Tom Walker.   Quinyon wrote a wonderful post explaining Tom Walker.  Apparently, Tom was not a very likable guy, and he was very greedy.  Quinyon is a very strong writer.  I commented on his writing skills after introducing myself.  I asked Quinyon what his favorite book is. Check out Quinyon's blog.

Terrance is a fourth grade student in Ms. Muhammad's class  at Robbins Elementary School in Prichard, AL.  Terrance created a blog post last December about a book he read.  The post was about some boys surprising their mother for her birthday.  This was a really cute blog.  I commented on Terrance's blog on February 17, 2013.  I introduced myself, gave positive reinforcement, and let Terrance know that students at South are blogging as well.  Terrance's post made me think about my mom! Then, I asked Terrance if he has ever surprised his mother.  Check out Terrance's blog.

no one said anything about blogging
Kishan is a Year 5 student in Pt. England School in Aukland, New Zealand. He is in Miss Ouano's Room 14 class.  The class blog is named Room 14 Dream Catchers.  In Room 14, their sentence is:

"In Room 14 we know that we can reach our goals and dreams if we are committed, determined and work to the best of our abilities.  Anything is possible if you give it your best!" - Miss Ouano

Kishan's last blog post was on February 15, 2013.  Kishan introduces himself as a Year 5 in Room 14.  Kishan's favorite teacher is Miss Ouano, and he enjoys math.  I left a comment introducing myself and explaining that we are blogging here at the University of South Alabama just like his class.  I asked Kishan about his favorite color and book.  I also asked what he is learning in math class right now.  I hope to hear back from Kishan soon! Check out Kishan's blog.

mother love
Morgan is Mrs. Vannoy's first grade class.  Morgan's last blogpost was published on February 20, 2013 titled My mom.  Morgan writes about how much he loves his mom, that she is sweet, and that he likes her.  This was such a thoughtful and considerate post.  This post made me think about my mom! I commented on Morgan post introducing myself as a student at South Alabama and telling him that we are bloggin in class just like him.  I complimented his writing and thanked him for his post.  I asked Morgan how old he was and if he liked blogging.  I look forward to hearing back from Morgan soon.  Check out Morgan's blog.

open your eyes

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