Sunday, March 10, 2013

Blog Post #8

How We Dream-- Robert E. Miller 

lucid dreaming
Robert E. Miller shares his video This is How We Dream.  Basically, he wants people to share their ideas with the web which can be accessible to all because ideas belong to people as a culture, not individuals.

Miller dreams of a school that is not designed around parking lots.  He believes in researching without having to step foot in a library.  Miller speaks about information being able to be updated instantly.  He shows the visual representations that can be composed on the internet.  I used to think I was technologically literate until I was introduced to this class.  The resources are going to be hard to come by.  Inspiring spaces and teachers will  definitely be needed.  "What would it mean to build a building that united the best of the humanities and the best of the sciences."  The goal of his technology is enabling people to tackle dreams while sharing them with others.  He wants the university to be for ideas.

Miller mentions iTunesU and being about to access lectures from top professors and researchers.  This is pretty cool. Because Miller speaks about writing and composing changing.  Miller believes, "the limits and the restrictions are largely ones we place on ourselves."

Carly Blog Post #12 

Carly wrote a blogpost for a create your own assignment.  Her assignment highlighted the power of multimedia in illustrating a point and keeping attention.  She based her post around finding your own philosophy as a teacher by creating a youtube channel for philosophies.

I started my youtube channel and plan to add to it as more inspiration and motivation comes while exploring.
Michel de Montaigne
Michel de Montaigne

The Chipper Series

The Chipper Series was a video with Chipper and Dr Strange. Chipper cannot seem to keep a job because of her poor work ethic.  The primary message from this is to be prepared for what you want and to work hard to get it. Achieving your dreams require motivation, dedication, and responsibility.  Chipper needs to work a little harder, although she seems to have good communication between her mentor. That is better than no communication!

help wanted
Learning to Change, Change to Learn 

Children are big communicators through text messaging.  Technology is not hindering the students learning.  It is enhancing it.  Teachers need to research, reflect, and learn from the web.  Children also learn from community, home, online.  I agree with this completely. Students learn from all of these things, however students are also exposed and desensitized to negative roles in violent movies.  Teachers and parents can help children synthesize and choose the right information.  Students need to learn how to find, validate, and collaborate information.

what do i know
Scavenger Hunt

1-Edmodo is a great networking tool that I could use in my classroom.  Edmodo connects you to other teachers and educators interested in your field.  There is a planner to help organize daily activities.  There is a link to explore and discover.  I thought it was really cool to have the insights tab that documents overal trending reactions, your reactions, and students reactions.

2- MY COMIC made through

3- My Poll created with Poll.



  1. Hi, Wannetta!

    I really enjoyed Dr. Miller's videos and they inspired me to keep dreaming, learning and sharing ideas with those around me. I agree with you that technology is not hindering students' learning. I think as teachers, with the help of parents, need to help them discern helpful media and technology from the not-so-helpful (like the violent video games).
    Your post looks great. Keep the good work.

  2. have you explored iTunesU yet? You should do so. i think you will find it very useful!

    Thorough, thoughtful, well done!

  3. Thank you for commenting. I have not, but I will soon!