Sunday, March 24, 2013

Blog Post #9


Mr. Joe McClung is a teacher that documented his years as a teacher by blogging at the end of each year.  We were assigned to his blog of his findings and lessons he learned along the way. This was an interesting blog and you can tell a definite progression of his changes.  He started teaching in 2009 in Noel, Missouri.  We were required to watch the Version 4 Post covering 2011-2012 and pick another one.  I chose the earliest one on 2008-2009.  He covers how to read the crowd and to be flexible.  He came to the realization that, "no lesson is ever perfect.  The lesson you teach and the one you plan are always different." Joe blogs about staying positive and smiling.  Also, he learns that communicating is the best medicine.  Joe highlights that expectations should be high, but not to get upset when children do not meet them. I agree with this, however I believe in sticking by those children and encouraging how much better they can do based on their capabilities.  This push can be the motivation a child needs to reach his or her potential and to continue to challenge his self.

Another lesson is to not fear technology.  It is so easy to become frustrated with technology sometimes.   I remember my brother teaching me so much about powerpoint in just a day.  He is very animated and made everything seem so cool and exciting.  I was excited and never afraid of powerpoint after that.  I understand this is such a larger scale.

His last piece of advise was to never stop learning.

In his Volume 4 , Joe has two pieces of advice.  "You gotta dance with who you came to dance with, and you should challenge yourself." This made a lot of sense.  Joe had to cope with his feeling to please his peers.  "As long as I stick to this rule and remember who I really work for then I should never divert down the wrong path." I agree that worrying is not positive, and the bottom line is to make sure the students are having fun and learning.    Challenging yourself as a student in college and as an educator can be difficult.   Motivation comes in waves.  A strong support group and positive team environment can help the students stay motivated and want to learn.  How do you motivate the children who do not want to learn?  How can we help those that do not want to be helped?  I feel that sometimes it takes a lot, but it comes down to the bottom line that you cannot give up and to keep working to appeal to everyone.  Sometimes a good peer leader is great inspiration for unmotivated students.  Again, keep smiling! :)  


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  1. Yes, "Stay Positive"!

    Learning Never Ends! Keep it up!

    Thoughtful, interesting.